How to harvest and dry marijuana!

November 28, 2016

When the time to harvest arrives, you'll probably feel a sense of relief. You won't have to water your plant anymore or feed it nutrients. You also don't need to provide it light so your electricity bill will reduce. It all sounds so good doesn't it?


Keep in mind that there are some processes that need to be done before you smoke those delicious-looking buds. The trim, dry, and cure processes all need to take place in order to have great tasting buds.


In the below video, PissDrunx0420 harvests 1 plant of Roslyn Road strain and 1 plant of Golden Goat strain.


Unfortunately, he runs into several problems...


First, he found male pollen sacks (aka bananas) on one of his plants. He found them on day 60 and then harvested the plant on day 63. Additionally, he found mold on one of his buds.


Check out his video here:




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