Growing autoflower cannabis plants

December 28, 2016

One way autoflower cannabis plants are different from photo-period plants is that their light cycle does not need to change. Autoflower plants should stay on an 18-6 or 24-0 light cycle for the entire grow.


PissDrunx0420 is currently growing 5 autoflower cannabis plants in his indoor garden. His strain this round is Thunder Haze from Genofarm Seeds. All 5 of the seeds he got did successfully germinate and they are currently on day 11. He has all of them in 5-gallon grow pots - 3 in soil and 2 in coco coir. They are a little bit stretchy for his liking possibly because he is only using an 85-watt grow light from Mars Hydro and the light distance is 24" from the top of the plants. In the video below he shows off his plants and he also shows off an outdoor garden that he recently visited.


Check out his video here: 



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