What happens when you put a seedling in a hydroponic setup?

December 31, 2016

Not all cannabis plants will survive in a hydroponic setup. Many people say plants shouldn't be put into a hydroponic setup until a few weeks into the vegetation stage. Not Liquid Jade though...


Liquid Jade is a grower who uploads weekly videos to his YouTube channel which currently has over 1,000 subscribers. He takes big risks while growing and one of those being that he puts seedlings to his hydroponic setup. So far, the seedling is doing good! He is using a Spectrum King LED 400+ grow light and has the light 29" away from the top of the plant. The plant is currently growing its second node and he plans to "Top" the plant 1-2 times. For nutrients, he uses Skunk Labs HC.


Check out his video here:



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