Medical Marijuana Indoor Garden Update

February 17, 2017

Over half the states in the USA now approve of medical marijuana programs. In most programs, medical marijuana patients can grow their own cannabis in their own private home. Due to this, many patients are now growing their own weed and sharing tips and tricks on cannabis grow forums and YouTube videos.


Maine420medgrower, a grower on YouTube, releases weekly grow videos where he updates his viewers on cannabis plant growth. He is growing a wide variety of cannabis strains in his indoor garden. Strains he is growing include:

  • Smurf Berry

  • Blue Hash

  • Berry Bomb

  • Budzilla Wreck

  • Buddah's Dream

  • Orange OG

  • Monster Cookies


In the video below, Maine420medgrower shows off both his indoor flower room as well as his indoor vegetation room. He also recently cut clones and has several of them growing in a clone dome. Watch the video below.


Check out his video here: 

Products shown/mentioned in this video: 
LED grow light- 
HID grow light-  

Clone dome-
Fabric grow pots- 
Bamboo stakes- 
SCROG net- 
Tomato cages- 
Temperature and humidity monitor- 


Click here for other equipment that I recommend


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