Nitrogen Toxicity in Marijuana Plants - What To Look For

February 17, 2017

One of the biggest mistakes that new growers make is feeding their plants too many nutrients. Some think that the more nutrients they feed their plants, the bigger their plants will get. This is completely false...


Grateful Grower, a grower on YouTube, has an indoor grow room full of marijuana plants that are on day 23 of flower. He stresses that climate control is everything. The environment that you have your cannabis plants growing in should be ideal conditions for growing the plant. For example, he mentioned that he never has a temperature swing greater than 15° Fahrenheit - even when his lights go out and the temperature drops. Keep your temperature and humidity in the ranges that cannabis plants thrive in to help ensure your plants grow as big as they can.


In the video below, Grateful Grower also talks about nitrogen toxicity. When your cannabis plant has dark green leaves that are shiny, you could have nitrogen toxicity. This will significantly show down the growth of your plant. If you are in the flower stage and you suddenly get nitrogen toxicity, expect a lower yield. Since your plant has, "nutrient lockout", bud development suffer significantly. Another sign of nitrogen toxicity is when the tips of your plant's leaves point down. This is also called, "clawing", since the plant's leaves look like claws. If you experience nitrogen toxicity, flush your plant immediately.


He also shows off some clones and puts them under T5 grow lights. You can watch his video below.


Check out his video here: 


Products shown/mentioned in this video: 
Lumatek ballast- 
T5 grow lights- 
Green Cleaner- 
Helios 7- 
Dominator XXXL 6" grow light reflector- 
Hortilux 1000w HPS blub- 
Vortex 8" inline fan- 
Carbon filter 8"- 
Temperature and humidity monitor- 
Oscillating fan- 
Advanced nutrients- 
Tomato cages- 
Plastic grow pots- 
SCROG net- 


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