When To Harvest Marijuana! - How To Harvest Cannabis

March 2, 2017

So you've grown your cannabis plant all the way up until the point where the plant appears to be done growing. Although, identifying exactly when to harvest your marijuana plant can be a little tricky.


Smokey Lott, a grower on YouTube, is currently growing Gorilla Glue #4 strain and Sunset Sherbet strain in his indoor garden. He states that different strains will be harvested at different times. But when should a plant be harvested? If you don't have a microscope, now would be a good time to get one. Here are the basic steps to see if your cannabis plant is ready to harvest:

  • Cut off a small piece of cannabis flower from the top of your plant

  • Place under a microscope and focus the microscope

  • You should see the plant's trichomes close up and you may notice different colors in the trichomes...

Clear Trichomes:

If the trichomes are clear, you'll want to wait a little while before harvest. Clear trichomes are trichomes in the development stage. If a cannabis plant is harvested when most of the trichomes are clear, you may feel a more paranoid, fast high. Also, your high may not last very long. 


Cloudy Trichomes:

If most of your plant's trichomes are cloudy, this is said to be the best time to harvest. The trichomes are now developed and the plant is ready for harvest. The high you feel should be similar to what the strain advertises. Check Leafly to see you strain's profile and effects.


Amber Trichomes:

Amber trichomes are trichomes that are "overripe". The high you feel from a plant with mostly amber trichomes will most likely be a more relaxed, couch-lock type of high.


In the video below, Smokey Lott talks about when to harvest and also shows off his indoor garden. He is doing the "partial harvest" method where he harvests the top of plant and lets the lower part continue to grow for a few days. He explains why he does that in the video. He also talks about the drying process.


Check out his video here: 


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